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We aren’t narrowly focused on one subject. You can find both front-end and back-end courses on Get-Coding.


You get to try out what you’ve learnt in each lesson. Also, we list numerous potential interview questions for your big day preparation.

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Information Security and Quality Assurance

We offer advanced Node and Express curriculum, together with competence in HelmetJS and Chai.

Responsive Web Design

This course includes everything from basic HTML and HTML 5 to Basic CSS, CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid.

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

Start with the Basic JavaScript and algorithm scripting, and reach the intermediate skills level later on.

Front End Libraries

Improve your knowledge with our courses in Front End Libraries such as jQuery, React, and Bootstrap.

Data Visualisation

Get the skills necessary for data visualisation projects, from data visualisation with 3D to JSON APIs and Ajax.

APIs and Microservices

Learn basic Node and Express skills, as well as how to work with npm and MongoDB and Mongoose.

Coding Interview Prep

Here is a list of numerous possible interview questions in different areas – from algorithms to Project Euler.



Various Coding Topics

Interview Rehearsal Questions

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Various Coding Topics

Interview Rehearsal Questions

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Various Coding Topics

Interview Rehearsal Questions

Flexible Studying Pace

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Our Clients

Roxie Ochoa


I am still in college and my main focus is economics. However, I have started a couple of courses on your platform and I am seriously thinking of switching to back-end developing. It seems way more interesting and reliable as a career choice.

Joe Martin


I find Get-Coding super useful. I am already working as a front-end developer, but the resources I find here are great as reminders and knowledge refreshers.

Clive Fisher


I have recently lost my accounting job, and this made me look for a more stable career. I have started a subscription on this platform and gained significant practical knowledge. Thank you!

Daria Warren

web designer

Get-Coding is really great! I am not a developer, but my job sometimes requires me to be familiar with coding principles. With time, I expect greater challenges in this field, and I am sure I can rely on this platform to help me tackle them.