About Us

These days people are switching between careers more frequently and everyone’s looking for two things: fulfilment and profit.

If you are a frequent job-seeker, you are aware of how often you need to learn some new skills in order to fit into the position you would like to apply for. However, you are quite busy and cannot manage to squeeze in another fixed obligation into your schedule, right? Therefore, face-to-face courses with inflexible timing are not an option and you opt for online education.

And what is it that you find more and more frequently in job adverts? Yeah, we know, it’s IT skills.

This is how we came up with the idea of launching a website that would enable people to learn one of the most sought-after skills – coding – and do it at their own pace. On top of this, we offer a list of preparatory interview questions so that our users can anticipate and prepare for the most frequent questions on a coding interview.

Try learning with us during the three-day trial period. We are sure you’ll love it and become our long-term subscriber.